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Green Policy

Our Green Story has just begun and we are excited about the green initiatives that we will be implementing over the coming months. To keep up to date with our progress find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Click here for our Green Tourism Press Release.

Our Green Policy

Our vision is to become more sustainable over the next 5 years, working towards zero waste, 100% clean energy, reducing our carbon footprint, conserving water, celebrating and preserving our natural environment,  improving accessibility, working with the local community to sustain our local environment and advocating healthy lifestyles for our staff and guests.

We aim:

To ensure that sustainability practices and green initiatives are integral to our business strategy and in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals ( through our monthly “Green Meetings” and “Green Champions”.

To encourage our staff to carry out more sustainable practices through regular staff training and induction programmes.

To measure our progress through Green Tourism Guidelines and Certification and adhere to relevant legislation.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

To commit to the principal of REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYLE to achieve 95% recycled waste by Dec 2019. 

Clean Energy

To commit to 100% renewable electricity supply, and work towards reducing our energy consumption through motion sensors, LED bulbs, staff and guest information.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

To commit to reducing our carbon footprint through engaging with local suppliers and produce supply from our own kitchen garden.

To encourage our staff to walk to work/lift share

Conserve Water

We aim to reduce our water usage through providing staff and guest information on “ways to conserve water” and unnecessary running tap usage, combined with facilitating rain water capture.

Conserve our Rivers and Oceans

We aim to protect our rivers and oceans by using chemical free cleaning products and toiletries in our bedrooms.

Encourage Healthy lifestyles and Wellbeing

We aim to encourage healthy lifestyle and wellbeing amongst our staff though healthy meal options and walking programmes.

Celebrate our local environment

To aim to work encourage our guests to explore our beautiful area and experience the nature and beauty on our doorstop.

Local Partnerships

To work with local partners to support the local environment and help build and sustainable future for our community.

Gender Equality

To ensure that we operate a policy of gender equality throughout the business, ensure that opportunities are equal regardless of gender or race.


Sarah Brewster
Jan 2019