Visitor Charter

Here at Stonehouse Court Hotel we are all trying to find new ways to each do more to help protect our planet for the future. Here are some of our ideas. Please join us in the conversation with your ideas on twitter and Instagram.

Help plant trees

Scientist argue that planting billions of trees is the best way to tackle climate change.

If you change your internet search engine to you can help plant trees whilst you search. Ecosia is a search engine that uses profits from searches to fund tree planting all over the world. As of June 2019 they have planted approximately 60m trees with a goal of 1 billion trees.

Swap to a vegetarian meal 2 or 3 times a week

Meat and dairy production is responsible for 14.5% of climate changing gases (more than all forms of transport) (source: Adding a couple of vegetarian/vegan meals to your menu each week can make a real difference. For recipe ideas try:

Leave the car behind

With the Cotswold Way on our doorstep, walking is the perfect way to explore our beautiful countryside and enjoy the nature around us without impacting the environment. Try out our Cotswold Canal Rail Trail (see map in our visitor guide or on our website) or pick up one of our walking maps from reception.

Ditch the cling film: Packed lunches

Ditch the cling film and try out these handy reusable Eco friendly fabric wraps. We’ve tried Beeswax Sandwich wraps (available at They are 100% natural, washable and reusable and no plastic in sight!

Alternatively, “If you Care” supply a pack of 48 paper snack and sandwich bags from renewable sources for £7.57 ( That’s 15p per bag.

Reduce plastic waste by refilling your shampoo bottles

Many local hairdressers are now doing shampoo refills or try out one of the growing number of shampoo bars. do a 100g coconut milk bar shampoo for £5 also do a range of shampoo bars and conditioners.

Water – save 5 litres of water each time you clean your teeth.

It may be pouring with rain outside in the UK but water sources are becoming scarce all over the world due to human impact on the environment. Switching the tap off when you clean your teeth can save 5L of water each time

Offset your Carbon Emissions

Minimise the environmental impact of your work or leisure flight by offsetting your carbon emissions.

You can offset your carbon emissions at Every £5 you donate goes towards planting and nurturing a new tree, restoring forests lost to deforestation.